Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my first blog

Well, here it first blog ever. What better way to start off than to explain what the heck the picture to right is all about.

In 2003 at the tender age of 37, I was commissioned to paint a few cougar images in a new Abbotsford area middle school...the funny part is that I didn't know how to paint. The only painting I ever did was back in school and I wasn't any good at then so I never continued with it. As I sat in front of this post desperately trying to figure out how paint this cougar, I stood up to walk out and never start and simply walk away from the project. Something told me not to leave and after about 15 minutes or so, I decided to give it a shot and started painting. The picture to right was the end result and thus my first painting and introduction to the world of murals.

I have since gone on to paint in a number of other schools and businesses, learning and teaching myself how to improve my skills as an artist. I am a completely self-taught artist and enjoy the challanges of every new project.

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The Wee-G

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